The War Widows' Guild Of Australia
Janice (Jan) McLeod
Western Australian State President

Guild Member since 5 July 2010 Executive Committee – 2012 Vice President – 2012 – 2015 State President – 2015 Current Wife of the late Private Neville John McLeod of the 1st Battalion, Malaya Jan was born 13 November 1946 – the year her father returned from WW2. Her father died of accepted war causes and her mother became a war widow in 1984, joining the guild soon after. Jan was very happily married to her husband Neville spending most of her early married life looking after her husband and two children. She has one surviving daughter and two granddaughters. Jan resided in the Western Australian goldfields where she undertook office work within two engineering companies. Jan’s later years were spent caring for her mother and husband. Neville died in January 2010 of accepted war causes and she joined the guild five months later.